Heartwood is Home to
20 Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations


Heartwood provides a wide range of services, information, networking and skill development opportunities to low income adults and families, new immigrants, people with differing abilities, people improving literacy or spoken English skills, people needing health and mental health supports, and people developing new employment, personal, or artistic skills.


We work collaboratively.
We share resources and ideas. 


Heartwood provides an opportunity for non-profit organizations to work collaboratively for the benefit of their clients in a welcoming, safe and affordable space. Heartwood member groups work together sharing resources and ideas.

EcoEquitable says:

“Heartwood House has been a huge support for the development of EcoEquitable and our ability to deliver high quality programs. Because of Heartwood House, we have a beautiful, dignified environment for our participants. As a small social enterprise, we especially appreciate shared services and equipment, central reception, affordable space, community kitchen and shared meeting spaces. Heartwood House is an exceptionally welcoming and friendly environment for staff, participants and volunteers.”


We strive to achieve positive community outcomes.
We earn revenues to support sustainability.


Heartwood House and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa enjoy a highly successful partnership in the ownership of the property at 400-412 McArthur Avenue. Heartwood owns 87.5% and the Unitarians 12.5% of the building. 

Heartwood House is also home to two other successful partnerships: the OC Transpo Lost & Found and the Everybody Wins! Electronics Recycling Program. Income generated is used to help support the work of the Heartwood community.


Affordable Space

for Non-Profits

Heartwood House rents permanent space to registered non-profit organizations who believe they can work better together under one roof, creating a welcoming and hospitable environment for the people they serve and for each other.



Heartwood House and its member groups could not survive without volunteer support. Participants from member groups are invited to volunteer at the Heartwood reception desk where they can develop customer service skills, computer abilities, teamwork, and leadership skills. In the spirit of collaboration, participants from member groups also volunteer on the Heartwood Board, Heartwood committees, and participate in Heartwood fundraising events.


Foyer Gallery


The Foyer Gallery is an excellent space for local artists to display their art. It is also a popular meeting place for Heartwood groups and for other community organizations. 




OC Transpo Unclaimed Items Sales, special events, community bonds, our loyal supporters and your generous donations - With much gratitude and appreciation!

404 McArthur Avenue


Our 26,000 square foot facility, just 6 minutes from downtown Ottawa was purchased in 2012. Since then it has been significantly renovated, including installations which make it fully accessible. It is easily accessed by public transportation and free three-hour street parking is available.

Heartwood's diverse services directly benefit the Vanier-Overbrook community. Heartwood has become a good neighbour of the Vanier and Overbrook Community Associations, as well as other community agencies in our area.