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current Exhibit

Local artist, Hamid Ayoub, has 16 pieces on display and for sale. His use of vibrant colours lights up the foyer!

About Hamid Ayoub

Born in Sudan in 1967, and presently living in Ottawa , Hamid Ayoub is a Bachelor of Arts graduate from the College of Fine and Applied Arts, Sudan University of Sciences and Technology, with a specialization in Textile Design. For Hamid art is ever present because we are surrounded by shapes and colours - the pulse of any artistic creation. Every-day sights and situations shape his work. Hamid depicts the emotions of the human spirit through colour and movement. Different mediums are used to render the entire spectrum of life experiences. Hamid's work has been exhibited in many venues in Sudan, Niger, France, Holland, England, the United States and Canada.

Gallery Hours

  • Monday through Thursday from 4:00 - 7:00 pm

  • By appointment – Please contact Heartwood's Executive Director at 613-241-5937.

The Foyer Gallery provides an opportunity for our community to enjoy various forms of artistic expression throughout the year. Artists gain access to quality exhibition space, and they, in return, support and enhance Heartwood programs and the work environment. In addition to exhibiting their work in the Foyer Gallery, artists may find opportunities to partner with individual member groups, offering workshops or one-to-one art instruction. The ongoing collaboration between artists and the Heartwood House community demonstrates the benefits of art as an integral part of our daily lives.

Artist Information

We welcome artists to submit samples of their work to the heARTwood - Unitarian Foyer Gallery selection committee. Most exhibitions are 6 to 8 weeks in length, with the option to host a vernissage. 

Promotion and Advertising

The artist assumes the responsibility to promote his/her exhibition. Heartwood House will do all it can to support the promotions by:

  • Posting the event on the Heartwood House website*

  • Posting any flyers, posters, etc. provided by the artist


  • $30 registration fee for use of the Foyer Gallery will be given to the Executive Director prior to the start of the show.

  • 10% of all sales will go to Heartwood House at the end of the show.

  • Vernissage – Artists have the option to host an opening reception at a time scheduled with Heartwood House. Cost $12.00 per hour.


The Foyer Gallery does not have insurance to cover theft. However, the artist should be aware that access by the public is controlled. Guests to Heartwood House enter by the front door only, and sign-in at Reception.

Please Note 

  • Artists are asked to provide 10 to 15 pieces depending on the size of the work.

  • Hanging of art pieces will be at the discretion of the Gallery Committee representatives.

  • Some pieces may not be hung by the Gallery representatives due to space limitations.

Artist Application

Foyer Gallery Information: 

Contact Moe Moloughney - Heartwood Executive Director
moe@heartwoodhouse.ca or 613-241-5937

Artist Information:

Name (if group – please list names, and give main contact name)



E-mail address


Brief Description of Work:

What is the general size and price range of your work?

Do your pieces have wire on the back for hanging the work?

Have you shown your work previously?

Where have you shown your work?

Please email at least 4 - 6 samples of your work. You may provide a portfolio, refer us to a website, or send electronic images. Please list titles, sizes and medium used.  

Security - Although Heartwood House provides as much security as possible, we cannot be responsible for any damage or theft of work.